Services We Provide

In addition to appearing with clients at all types of hearings and zealously defending clients at trial, our attorneys always review client files to determine the client’s options.  In some cases, this may mean that our attorneys will attempt to suppress evidence based on various types of constitutional violations.  It may also mean that our attorneys move for the outright dismissal of a criminal complaint.

In some instances, a client may simply want the best plea offer they can receive.  We can help.  We negotiate with prosecutors to get the best deal possible for our clients.  This frequently involves us demonstrating weaknesses in the prosecution’s case based upon our review of the client’s file.

Whether our attorneys file motions, take a case to trial or simply negotiate with a prosecutor is always up to our clients. Our job is not to make decisions for a client but instead to provide options so our clients can make their own informed decisions.

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*This material is educational only, it does not constitute legal advice, it should not be relied on and it does not create an attorney-client relationship.